St.Vincents Hope Clinic

One of the pearls of UTMB for me was their affiliation with St. Vincent's Hope Clinic. St. Vincent's Clinic is a cooperative effort between UTMB and St. Vincent's House that is committed to providing free quality healthcare to the underserved population of Galveston while facilitating the education of UTMB Medical and Physician Assistant students. Student [...]

A Day in PA School

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to chronicle a day in PA school. Now, this is going to seem SO light in its load, but that's because UTMB has tried to "ease" its incoming students in with the short summer semester to allow them time to adjust to school again. For our first summer semester, we [...]

Pediatric Surgery

Hi everyone! I'm back with another PA-C interview, this time in pediatric surgery! Onyi has been a Physician Assistant for 3 and a half years in several different specialties but is currently in peds surgery. She has her own website that she has relaunched that focuses on balancing being a mom, her career, and marriage. [...]

Maevn Uniform

Hi everyone! Coming your way again with an amazing pair of scrubs! These beautiful wine colored scrubs are from Maevn Uniforms! To start off, they're from the EON line which prides itself on providing breathable, moisture wicking, wash and wear, and quick to dry scrubs! These scrubs are SO comfortable and are definitely breathable. The [...]

Urgent Care

Mary Nguyen is a practicing physician assistant in Urgent Care, former professional figure skater, figure skating coach, and online trainer. She is a blogger, YouTuber, and the creator of BalanceFitnessOnline, geared to connect with, motivate, and educate like-minded individuals. Her goal is to share her fitness journey, health and wellness tips, and fun travel videos [...]

WearFIGS Scrubs

Hi there everyone! Today I come to you with a scrub review and the brand is Wear FIGS! If you haven't heard by now, Wear FIGS is taking over the scrub industry. They are the absolute most comfortable and functional scrubs I've been able to try on so far! Currently, for women, they have two [...]