The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Physician Assistant Student

Today I'm excited to share an interview with a PA-S2 (PA student, year 2)! Jamie attends the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center and she has graciously helped me in my process of applying and getting into PA school. Here she is to answer some questions about her journey. 1. How were you introduced [...]

How Did I Get Accepted?

So, lets head straight to the good stuff, here are my "stats" for my application: Degree: Bachelor of Health Sciences GPA: 3.4 Science GPA: 3.2 GRE: V 151 Q 148 AW 4.0 Direct Patient Care Hours: 2,400 Shadowing Hours: 200+ Volunteer Hours: 480+ To all pre-pa students out there: there is nothing more I could stress [...]