How Did I Get Accepted?

So, lets head straight to the good stuff, here are my “stats” for my application:

Degree: Bachelor of Health Sciences

GPA: 3.4

Science GPA: 3.2

GRE: V 151 Q 148 AW 4.0

Direct Patient Care Hours: 2,400

Shadowing Hours: 200+

Volunteer Hours: 480+

To all pre-pa students out there: there is nothing more I could stress than to make yourself a WHOLE applicant. PA schools say that they look at the applicant as a whole person and most really do mean that. The PA profession is different from others in the health care field because it weaves in traits like empathy, compassion, being a team player with traits like multi-tasking, organization, and critical thinking and creates a near perfect mid-level provider. No wonder PA’s patient satisfaction is so high!
All this to say, take the extra initiative to make yourself stand out as much as possible on paper so that you can get the chance to stand out in your interview. As for me, my GPA was definitely not at the top of the scale, so I made sure I went out and worked as much as I could and at different certification levels. I began receiving my direct patient care hours as a CNA, went on to Scribing in a Pediatric ED, then as an EMT-B for an ambulance service. I called countless clinics, hospitals, and private practices to shadow PA’s, I received alot of run around, but eventually made a ton of connections and PA’s would give me contact information of other PA’s they knew personally in the area to shadow. 

As for volunteering, I was fortunate enough to go on two incredible out of the country service and public health trips to the Dominican Republic and to South Africa that I’m sure helped me stand out as an applicant. I plan to blog about my work, volunteer, shadowing, and personal statement in detail soon!

As an undergraduate pre-pa student, there are countless organizations, clubs, groups, etc. to get involved with and to make your application full of health care related experiences, you just have to go out and find them for yourselves! If I can help in any way, just shoot me an email and I would be glad to. Leave any questions or comments below, I’d love to hear some feedback on my first post. 🙂


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  1. Wow, really great post meghan. You definitely layed it out there about what it takes to get in. I liked the idea of calling the different clinics the most. I never thought of that for whatever reason but Monday morning I’m on the hotline. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to your future blogs.


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