Personal Statements 101

 The dreaded personal statement talk. Personal statements can be uncomfortable, odd, and strange to write. Writing or talking about myself has never been my strong suit and always makes me feel awkward. There is a thin line between coming off confident, well balanced, and self-aware opposed to cocky, conceited, and arrogant in person, and [...]

The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Practicing Physician Assistant

Savanna from The PA Platform is here with us to answer the questions you've always wanted to ask a PA-C! Savanna is currently practicing full-time in dermatology, while also running The PA Platform, her blog site that provides information about the PA profession and helps hopeful Pre-PA students achieve their goals! Check out her page after reading [...]

Direct Patient Care and Common Routes

One way that Physician Assistant school is different from Nursing or Medical school is the requirement of obtaining direct patient care hours before applying and matriculation. Direct patient care is usually described as a hands on job in the healthcare field that returns payment. PA schools requirements are all very different, so when applying, make [...]