Christmas Gift Guide for your Health Care Professional

We are so close to Christmas (14 DAYS) and I know there are people that haven’t began to look for gifts for your friends, family, and significant others who are in the health care field so here is a short guide for gifts that your health care professional would love and be forever thankful for!

On the lower price end:

S’well Water Bottle
The S’well Water Bottle was developed with a mission to stop the wide use of plastic bottles. S’well keeps your drinks cold for HOURS, which is perfect for those in class all day or in clinicals all day. S’well is currently doing a “12 days of Christmas” promotion where each day they offer a different deal on the price of the bottles. If you can’t find a color or pattern you like, you can even design your own personalized bottle!

Academic Planner or Calendar
Consider an Academic Planner or Calendar for your health care professional to help keep them on track for homework, quizzes, exams, and other important dates. Organization is truly key when in professional school or the health care field. Cute and affordable brands from Target include TF Publishing and Sugar Paper.

FIGS scrubs
I can guarantee any man or woman health care professional in your life can never have too many scrubs! FIGS prides themselves on being premium medical apparel. FIGS also gives a pair of scrubs to those health care providers in need for each pair sold, which I think is amazing. Sign up on their website via email and receive 15% off your first order with free shipping!

Loft or Ann Taylor Gift Card
Loft and Ann Taylor are both great quality clothing companies that offer alot of business to business casual clothes for your lady health care professional. I know that I have purchased alot from them already for Physician Assistant school since we are required to wear business casual to class. Right now they are both having 40% off full price styles and they are offering $25 off a $75 purchase to anyone who signs up via email.

Starbucks Gift Card
Whether your health care professional likes coffee or tea, starbucks is typically the way to go because it is located everywhere! You just simply cannot go wrong with providing some caffeine for the long nights and early mornings. Starbucks is offering 30% off select mugs, cold cups, k-cups, christmas blends, ornaments, gift sets, and more online.

On the higher price end:

Littmann Stethoscope
Ask anyone for the best stethoscope brand and they’ll say Littmann. Now, which one you decide to get from Littmann is another story. There is the Classic 1, 2, and 3 as well as the Cardiology 1, 2, and 3, Master Classic, and more. On the Littmann website, they also sort by occupation like Nursing student, EMT/EMS, Medical student, etc. to help narrow down your results. I currently have the Classic 3 for my EMT work, but will be upgrading to the Cardiology 3 due to Physician Assistant school.

Beats by Dre Headphones
To help your health care professional zone in and stay focused on school work, invest in some Beats by Dre headphones. There are so many options to choose from, but I would recommend the wireless options due to the fact that many Iphone users will eventually switch to wireless because of the lightening cord on the new Iphone 7. That and wireless is 1 less cord = 1 less thing to worry about when moving studying areas.

Apple IWatch
For your tech-y health care professional that’s on the go, I recommend purchasing the Apple IWatch. The IWatch includes so many cool features that keeps you connected to friends and family in different ways, especially if the person already owns an IPhone, IPad or Macbook. Your health care professional can see and reply to texts in seconds, track their exercise and activity throughout the day, receive emails, and more with this device. The health care field can keep its workers away from their phones for hours at a time, but the IWatch might be able to help them stay connected when away from their desk.
Now go get your shopping on! Falalalalalala 🎄

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