Letters of Recommendation

A very important part of the application process that is often overlooked is the Letters of Recommendation portion. There's nothing like a fully equipped, all around great application that is accompanied by poor letters of recommendation or even just mediocre ones. Some common questions that I had when I went through the application process were: [...]

Things I Wish I Would’ve Done Before Applying to Physician Assistant School

There's nothing like the feeling of regret, but as they say "hindsight is 20/20". In this post, I want to go over three things I wish I would've done before applying to Physician Assistant School that would've (I think) helped strengthen my application. - Involvement: During undergraduate school, I was involved in a sorority and [...]

The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Physician Assistant Student

As promised is a new Physician Assistant Student Q & A! Timmy is a first year Physician Assistant Student at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Midland, Texas.  I met him through our scribing job in a pediatric ED last year and although he's a very busy guy right now, I'm thankful he was able [...]