WearFIGS Scrubs

Hi there everyone! Today I come to you with a scrub review and the brand is Wear FIGS! If you haven’t heard by now, Wear FIGS is taking over the scrub industry. They are the absolute most comfortable and functional scrubs I’ve been able to try on so far! Currently, for women, they have two different scrub top styles, one with three pockets, the other with one pocket, and a few different scrub pant styles with various pockets and hemming! I am wearing the Catarina top and Kade bottom in purple. They provide tall and petite sizing which is GREAT for women! There are different colors to choose from ranging in black, to many shades of blue, purple, and gray. I’ve always tended to dress in minimalistic, neutral colors and simple styles so Wear FIGS is definitely for me and could be for you, too! 

The most important thing that sells Wear FIGS is their Threads for Threads initiative, where for every set of scrubs sold, FIGS gives a set to a healthcare provider in need. Something that seems as easy as going online or in store to order scrubs is simply not a reality for everyone working in the healthcare field. FIGS acknowledges that many health care professionals are unable to obtain clean scrubs, much less scrubs at all, and their effort does not go unnoticed! Their promise to give to those in need is so important and having the chance to support a company like this is simple and straightforward. How easy to look great, feel great, and give back all at the same time! 

Thank you again to WearFIGS! Check out their website at wearfigs.com to learn more about their initiative or purchase clothing. Also, follow them on Instagram at @WearFIGS!

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