Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Does becoming an EMT boost your application? I can only assume that becoming an EMT helped boost up my application, especially because I applied two times to PA school. It shows that I continued to pursue a higher level of patient acuity and took a bigger role of responsibility over being a … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions


Maevn Uniform

Hi everyone! Coming your way again with an amazing pair of scrubs! These beautiful wine colored scrubs are from Maevn Uniforms! To start off, they're from the EON line which prides itself on providing breathable, moisture wicking, wash and wear, and quick to dry scrubs! These scrubs are SO comfortable and are definitely breathable. The … Continue reading Maevn Uniform

Urgent Care

Mary Nguyen is a practicing physician assistant in Urgent Care, former professional figure skater, figure skating coach, and online trainer. She is a blogger, YouTuber, and the creator of BalanceFitnessOnline, geared to connect with, motivate, and educate like-minded individuals. Her goal is to share her fitness journey, health and wellness tips, and fun travel videos … Continue reading Urgent Care