My name is Meghan and I’m a 21 year old graduate from the University of Missouri. I am currently living in Washington DC, but was born and raised in Texas and that is where I will be attending Physician Assistant school in 2017. I’ve always been interested in the health care field, at first picturing myself as a Nurse, but switched my track in undergrad to the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. I am a second time applicant who thankfully got in this year after hours upon hours spent on applying, working, volunteering, shadowing, and everything in between. That is why I wanted to begin a blog – to help those pre-pa students that need guidance like I needed and to help PA students get through a rough two years of our lives together. Thank you all for the support and please feel free to contact me with questions via email and I will do my best to answer or do my best to find the answer for you!