Pediatric Surgery

Hi everyone! I'm back with another PA-C interview, this time in pediatric surgery! Onyi has been a Physician Assistant for 3 and a half years in several different specialties but is currently in peds surgery. She has her own website that she has relaunched that focuses on balancing being a mom, her career, and marriage. [...]

Urgent Care

Mary Nguyen is a practicing physician assistant in Urgent Care, former professional figure skater, figure skating coach, and online trainer. She is a blogger, YouTuber, and the creator of BalanceFitnessOnline, geared to connect with, motivate, and educate like-minded individuals. Her goal is to share her fitness journey, health and wellness tips, and fun travel videos [...]

Medical Oncology

Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! Today's specialty interview questions are answered by @hashtag_frizzle. He is currently working as a Medical Oncology Physician Assistant! How did you hear about the PA profession/What got you interested in the PA profession?  I first heard of the PA profession when I was an undergraduate student at Mississippi State University. However, [...]

Family Medicine

Hi everyone! I'm excited to start a new section of the blog under PA-C that interviews Physician Assistants working in different specialties! I wanted to include this in my blog because first I am curious to really know the reason why PAs choose certain specialties, second, I am able to investigate before I one day [...]

The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Practicing Physician Assistant

Savanna from The PA Platform is here with us to answer the questions you've always wanted to ask a PA-C! Savanna is currently practicing full-time in dermatology, while also running The PA Platform, her blog site that provides information about the PA profession and helps hopeful Pre-PA students achieve their goals! Check out her page after reading [...]