St.Vincents Hope Clinic

One of the pearls of UTMB for me was their affiliation with St. Vincent's Hope Clinic. St. Vincent's Clinic is a cooperative effort between UTMB and St. Vincent's House that is committed to providing free quality healthcare to the underserved population of Galveston while facilitating the education of UTMB Medical and Physician Assistant students. Student [...]

A Day in PA School

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to chronicle a day in PA school. Now, this is going to seem SO light in its load, but that's because UTMB has tried to "ease" its incoming students in with the short summer semester to allow them time to adjust to school again. For our first summer semester, we [...]

The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Physician Assistant Student

As promised is a new Physician Assistant Student Q & A! Timmy is a first year Physician Assistant Student at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Midland, Texas.  I met him through our scribing job in a pediatric ED last year and although he's a very busy guy right now, I'm thankful he was able [...]