Tips for Setting Yourself Up for Success in PA School

Hi everyone! Please welcome @jamienicole_pa.s, a current Physician Assistant student studying at University of Detroit Mercy! She reached out to me and wanted to offer up her tips to success for PA school for Pre-PA students and here they are! First, and most importantly, don’t limit yourself to just the prerequisites listed on the school’s website. [...]

Letters of Recommendation

A very important part of the application process that is often overlooked is the Letters of Recommendation portion. There's nothing like a fully equipped, all around great application that is accompanied by poor letters of recommendation or even just mediocre ones. Some common questions that I had when I went through the application process were: [...]

Things I Wish I Would’ve Done Before Applying to Physician Assistant School

There's nothing like the feeling of regret, but as they say "hindsight is 20/20". In this post, I want to go over three things I wish I would've done before applying to Physician Assistant School that would've (I think) helped strengthen my application. - Involvement: During undergraduate school, I was involved in a sorority and [...]

My Time as an EMT

Ever thought about becoming an Emergency Medical Technician as a career path or as a way to complete direct patient care hours for graduate school? I chose to become an EMT in order to treat patients in a higher capacity, to expose myself to patients with higher acuity, and to continue to add more patient [...]

Interview Series Pt. 3

After the nerves, after the jumbled thoughts, after you don't even remember what was being said for the past 30 minutes, after the interview there's a few things you should remember to do like... Debrief If you can still sort out what was said, what was asked, and how you answered, I would suggest quickly [...]